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    Personal Learning Coach

    Your Roadmap to Achievement and Career Success.
    Includes the Learning Connections Inventory®.

What does the Personal Learning Coach do for me?

  • Gives me a clear picture of myself as a learner
  • Provides me with a Personal Learning Profile that I can share with teachers, peers, and would-be employers.
  • Shows me how I can work more effectively with others.
  • Breaks tasks and assignments down into understandable pieces.
  • Provides me with personalized strategies that guide me to successfully complete the task!

How does the Personal Learning Coach work?

  • Establish your account.
  • Complete the Learning Connections Inventory (LCI) as prompted.
  • Create a Personal Learning Profile selecting statements that describe you.
  • Share your Personal Learning Profile with others.
  • Input a task or assignment you've been asked to complete
    • Name the task.
    • Select a category (Reading, Writing, Math, Test-taking)
    • Cut and paste the assignment into the app as directed.
    • Look at the task details and how it is decoded.
    • Select suggested task strategies that work for you.
    • Personalize your strategies and save.
  • Get your friends or classmates to establish an account and then build teams by having them share their LCI scores with you!


To access the Let Me Learn platform you must either belong to an institution and provide your institution's code OR you can purchase your own subscription with a credit card.

Individual subscriptions come with a FREE 14-day trial period! You won't be charged until your trial period has ended.


Purchase a year-long subscription and use the Personal Learning Coach to learn about yourself and develop strategies to succeed in work or in school.


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